Bunker Renovation Project

Golf course bunkers require periodic rebuilding to maintain their integrity and functionality for players. Over time, natural elements such as rain, wind, and foot traffic gradually erode the sand, causing it to become compacted and uneven. This deterioration affects the aesthetics and playability of the course, as well as the strategic challenges intended by course designers. Rebuilding bunkers allows for proper shaping, replenishment of sand, and reinforcement of bunker edges, ensuring consistency in both appearance and performance across the course. Additionally, technological advancements in golf course design and construction offer opportunities to enhance bunker design and drainage systems, ultimately improving the overall experience for golfers.

On May 13th, 2024, we will begin an entire-course bunker renovation project. Recognizing the complexities involved, we acknowledge that there's no perfect timing for such a plan. We've collaborated closely with the construction team to ensure minimal disruption to play. The project is slated to span approximately 90 days, with three holes under construction at any given time, leaving 15 holes with normal activity. In instances where bunkers' locations necessitate caution, we may utilize temporary greens or tees to ensure both safety and continuity of play.

Recognizing the inconvenience caused, we are offering green fees discounts beginning on Monday, May 13th.  All prices seen on the website and app include those discounts.

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Check back periodically to get updates on the bunker renovation project.

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