Prepaid Tee Time FAQs

Why would I want to prepay for my tee time?

If you prepay for your tee time, you can book your tee time an additional day in advance of your normal booking window:

  • Members – 15 days (Traditional); 16 days (Prepaid)
  • Non-Members – 14 days (Traditional); 15 days (Prepaid)

Can I call into the Golf Shop to book a prepaid tee time?

No. All prepaid reservations must be booked through our website or mobile app.

 What if I need to cancel my prepaid tee time?

As long as you cancel your tee time 24-hours in advance, the credit card that you used to prepay for the reservation will automatically be refunded. To receive this refund, you MUST cancel your reservation ONLINE via our WEBSITE or MOBILE APP; not by calling the Golf Shop.

What if my player count changes (increases or decreases) from my original reservation?

Prepaid tee times cannot be altered. You will need to cancel the original tee time, through the website or mobile app, and rebook with the new player count.

What if one of my players cancels inside of 24 hours prior to the tee time?

Unfortunately, inside of the cancellation window, refunds cannot be issued for prepaid tee times.

Can my other players pay when they get to the golf course for their round of golf?

No. The credit card that was used to book the prepaid tee time is charged at the time of booking. Your other playing partners will have to make other arrangements to pay the person that booked the prepaid reservation.

If someone else pays for the tee time and didn’t know that I should receive a different price (senior rate, member rate, etc.)?

The price that was prepaid cannot be adjusted.

If someone else pays for the tee time and I am a member/member senior, will I still receive my loyalty points?

If you are a member/member senior, please notify the Golf Shop staff at check-in and we can add your name, so that you will receive your loyalty points.

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